Wow 35 4 b

Wow 35 4 b

Dear ladies, Wow! No. 35 are made in the best 3D lace ever seen in SL, embrioided with shiny coloured silk wires on tulle (yes, black tulle), so detailed and elleborate that they would to make any gentleman think that if they are too hot to resemble what you are wearing, they certainly resemble your lingerie. You know that they consider a mistake the fact you are actually wearing anything else :)) See the NC inside and blush!

I invite you tonight at 24 Shoo Shoes to rezz them on their red cushions and enjoy:

Wow 35 1 r

Wow 35 1 r

Wow 35 2 p

Wow 35 2 p

Wow 35 3 g

Wow 35 3 g

Wow No 35 legs

Wow No 35 legs

They are no-invisiprim sandals, to be worn in Viewers that support alpha layers:

1.From now on, you will step on any alpha surface with no strange contours around your feet…walk on shadows, walk on water, walk all over your lover’s body with the innocence of a kitten 😀

2.Cross your legs in any position you free body would move…no more disappearing parts of your perfect avatar!

3.FAQ: would everybody se my feet correctly? This is only up to you: if you are on Viewer 2, you will be seen properly by everybody, no mater what viewer they may use.

The sandals come in ready made 2 sizes, as for the Model look and as for the “Betty Boop” look.

They are sandals with legs and they come with huds as for the legs’ skintones in textures…yes, you will not tint them in a plain color, just choose from a 254 collection of the best skin-tones in SL, vivid, realistic and textured in detail. Many of the skin-brands and their tones are alphabetically listed in a Guide so you will just click on a certain button of the hud. The same hud for changing the shiny pedicure in 28 nail-enamels. The same Manicure available in the neighbour store:)

2408 Alekseev


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  1. Love your shoes..but maybe you should have a diagram on how to wear your shoes…i have so many problems with them

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